“If, Then” 60 Minute Workout & Spinning Mix

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17-song music mix and choreographed workout includes
“B.O.B.” by Outkast
“Hips Don’t Lie” by Shakira
“The Final Countdown” by Europe

1. “Fable (Dream Version)” by Robert Miles / 7:10

Warm-up and quick-feet spinning.

2. “Everyday” by Bon Jovi / 3:00

Hard out-of-seat charge and climb.

3. “How to Save a Life” by The Fray / 4:25

Settle into the saddle for a slow grind-and-climb. Lots of tension! Increase tension every 45 secs.

4. “Ready to Go” (US Mix) by Republica / 5:00

Spin, baby! Hard and fast with a couple of Power 10s thrown-in for good measure.

5. “Jump Around” by House of Pain / 3:35

Attack the hills! Out-of-seat charge!

6. “Le Disko” by Shiny Toy Guns / 3:25

Settle into the saddle for an extended climb. Stay seated and work those quads! Increase tension every 30 secs. Throw-in a Power 10 and a Power 20.

7. “Move Your Feet” by Junior Senior / 3:00

Smile and sweat, baby! Backwards spinning — first 30-45 secs in the saddle; remaining part of the song out-of-the-saddle (standing).

8. “Walk Away” by Kelly Clarkson / 3:10

Stair-climb exercises! Gonna’ make those quads, glutes, and calf muscles hurt!

9. “B.O.B.” by Outkast / 5:00

Bring it back to the flats and let those legs loose! Hard spinning, baby. Light to moderate tension. Exhaust the lungs! Start fast, hang-on, and dig-deep for three Power 10s!

10. “‘Till I Collapse” by Eminem / 5:00

Mountain-style steep climb. Increase tension every 45 secs. Work it, baby!

11. “O Fortuna” by Carmina Burana / 2:50

Kind of random, I know. But trust me — when it’s cranked, you can’t help but dig-deep and push on and up. Keep on climbing! Steeper and with more tension than you’ve ever done! Make it hurt-so-good.

12. “Hips Don’t Lie / Bamboo (2006 FIFA World Cup Mix)” by Shakira / 3:36

You’re back to the flats and the wind is at your back. Let’s have some fun and spin fast. Dance on those toes!

13. “Dirty Little Secret” by The All-American Rejects / 3:15

In the foothills — add some tension and charge-on! A minute later, add some more tension and continue charging!

14. “The Final Countdown” by Europe / 5:10

Last climb of the day. You own the mountain; it does not own you! Hit it hard! Dig deep! Increase tension every 45 secs. Throw-in two Power 10s and a Power 20.

15. “Rain of Stars” by 2trancy / 3:50

Home-stretch! You’re done the the hills and mountains — let it loose for a fast, hard charge to the finish. Spin time, baby.

16. “18” by Moby / 4:30


17. “On My Way Home” by Enya / 3:40

Final stretches.

J.R. Atwood
Power 10 Spinning



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Indoor cycling workouts and music mixes

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