“Kipu on kivaa” 60 Minute Spinning Mix

March 13, 2009 at 2:54 pm 5 comments

17-song music mix and choreographed workout includes
“Show Me What I’m Looking For” by Carolina Liar
“One Week Of Danger (Album Version)” by The Virgins
“Dream On (New Version)” by Christian Falk, Robyn & Ola Salo

First, major props to readers who have sent me their favorite and interesting Power Songs; some are included in this mix, with more to come in future compilations. But the biggest shout out this month goes to Sally Mander who shares a kick-arse and awesome 60 minute spinning mix via the comments section on the About & Contact page. You can check out her workout here. In addition to introducing me to the killer rad mash-ups of DJ Lobsterdust, she also shared some really great opera music to mix-up our rides. Thanks so much, Sally! I’ll be using more of your recommendations in future mixes. For now, here’s March’s 60 minute spinning mix…

1. “Stop the Clock (Peligro de Extinción) [English Version]” by Jean (4:30)
Warm-up and stretch. Get those legs loose and relaxed, as we have lots of hurt-so-good fun ahead of us today.

2. “Get It On” by The Chevelles (3:30)
Wake-up with some rock! Flat, fast, and hard. That’s how we roll on this song. Light to moderate tension with 1,000 MPH legs! Speed, spinning… Nothing finer. The entire song is one long sprint. Do it!

3. “Show Me What I’m Looking For” by Carolina Liar (4:00)
Slow it down, throw on 3-5 turns (!) of tension, and start with an in-seat climb. At 0:34, stand up and go straight into a Power 10. Stay standing as we continue to tackle this brutal mountain. At 1:34 we do a Power 20! Come on, baby! Dig deep! Stay standing, add one turn to the right (ugh!), and keep charging, even if done slowly. Quad burn is the best burn! At 2:50 add one. more. turn. of. tension. Almost there! Finish standing, tall, and proud.

4. “Selective Periphera” by Ben Benjamin (2:40)
Do not take any tension off from the last song! Seriously! (I see you in the middle row. Keep it on!) Find the saddle and settle in for a quad-busting, high-tension, Mt. Everist-like seated climb. Lift the knees to your chest, keep the shoulders relaxed, and breathe deep. This hurts. Badly. I know. But we’re in it together. Steady and strong. Steady and strong.

5. “One Week Of Danger (Album Version)” by The Virgins (2:45)
Okay, time to get back to the flats. Take off all that tension, grab a quick swig of water, then hit the open road! Wind is at your back! Smile is on your face! Threshold pace for the entire song. Increase the resistance by half-a-turn every 30-45 seconds — so slight that you barely notice it. Ride it out!

6. “Mansard Roof” by Vampire Weekend (2:10)
Stair-climbing exercises, baby! Quick feet, weight centered in your legs, with fingers just barely resting on the handlebars for balance. Pick-up the pace (and add one more turn of tension) at the 0:53 mark. Gogogogo. Last one to the top of the stairs buys lunch for everyone. (See the FAQs if you have any doubt about how to do this exercise. It should burn the calves and the quads right above the knees.)

7. “Jungle Boogie (The Jacksons vs. Guns N’ Roses)” by DJ Lobsterfest (4:20)
The first of two great mash-ups today. Roll right into a slight to moderate climb from the last song… Basically, when you get to the top of the stairs, thrust your hips back and to an out-of-seat climb. Tension should feel like you are going up some rolling hills. (But no mountains! At least not yet. But be honest… No cheating.) At 1:43, we are going to sit down and hammer it hard for a 45 second charge on the flats. Stand back up out of the saddle, and add a bit of resistance, for a climb from 2:30-3:30. Then sit down on and charge hard to the end of the song.

8. “Dream On (New Version)” by Christian Falk, Robyn & Ola Salo (3:20)
Short rollers at moderate tension: stay seated for the first 30 seconds, then at the 0:30 mark, we do 10 seconds of out-of-saddle charging, then 10 seconds of in-the-saddle riding, then 10 seconds of out-of-saddle chaging, and go back to the flats. We are going to do this for the entire song. Start with tension at around a 5-7 on a scale from 1-10. Ever minute, add one full turn of tension. Think of kicking your butt with your heels and lifting your knees to your chest for the entire set. Quick feet! (Don’t worry about pushing down on your pedals, per se; instead, focus on pulling up with your feet.)

9. “I Will Follow” by U2 (3:40)
Keeping things fast, we are going to go back to the flats for some easy (light tension, but not on effort) riding. Picture yourself on a brandly new paved road, with a slight downhill slope, and the sun rising behind you so that it sunkisses the hills in the foreground. For the first two minutes, it is an all-out, everything we have sprint. At 2:07, add three turns of tension and stand-up out of the saddle. Grind it out and charget hard till the end of the song!

10. “We Are Pilots” by Shiny Toy Guns (4:20)
Stay up stay up stay up! We’re still climbing, baby! Add one more turn of tension, slow things down a bit, and settle into a groove. Focus on that deep, full breathing. Sweat will be trickling down the face and stinging the eyes, which only serve to reaffirm how awesome we are for rocking this killer workout! Stay strong, baby. When the legs are screaming “Nonono!” is when our minds have to take over and say, “Yesyesyes!” Increase tension every 45 seconds. And if you’re feeling especially good, Power 10 at 2:18! Don’t forget to keep adding half-a-turn of tension every 45 seconds!

11. “Samskeyti (Live)” by Sigur Ros (5:30)
You can grab some quick water, but DO NOT TAKE OFF ANY RESISTANCE! Instead, sit down, settle into your saddle, and slowly churn those bulging quads. This set is a test of our mental game: Are you focused? Are you dedicated? Why did you wake up at 5:00AM to come to this hourlong class that starts and ends before the sun even rises? Whatever your reason — and you have one, or two, or three — make sure that you focus on it; make sure that you put your dreams, hopes, and goals for yourself at the top of this long climb. And you make sure that you achieve and reach and accomplish them. There they sit, waiting for us. Get there. Dig. Dig. Dig. It is only a matter of will and want. Do you want it? Will you get it? GO!

12. “Pistolero (Tarantino Radio Mix Version)” by Juno Reactor (3:40)
Relief! Take all that tension off, shake out the arms, and let’s get back to the flats. This is a mini-recovery ride, only in that we are going to spin at 75-80% of max effort. Don’t slack! Not when we’ve come this far. Ride it out, yo!

13. “Habanera from Carmen (LP Version)” by Andre Rieu (5:00)
Awesome recommendation, Sally! This opera stuff shakes things up, and sandwiched between the rock and dance stuff that we usually use on these mixes, makes for an awesome song to climb to! So dig deeo, y’all! Add 3-5 turns of tension/resistance, stand-up, and attack! With this song, I picture myself as European cartoon character in a bike race through the Alps. I dunno’. It fits; it works. Be sure to increase the resistance/tension on your bike every 30-45 seconds, even if by just half-a-turn at each interval.

14. “Geraldine” by Glasvegas (3:45)
Back to the flats, back to the speed work: light to moderate tension, an alternate between 10 seconds of hard-core, all-out, everything-you-have, puke-at-the-end sprinting with 20 seconds of recovery. Hit it, hate it, love it, get it!

15. “Focus” by Cyndi Harvell (3:55)
Last climb of the day! Stand up, add some turns of resistance. Butt back, loose and low shoulders, relaxed hands; “don’t lose your focus; keep your head up!” Power 20 at 2:20! “Get up get up get up!” Almost there! Come on, baby! Ride hard, charge the hill, and finish as the king of the mountain! Sprint to the finish!

16. “Put On The Red Light (Police vs. Coldplay vs. Thin White Duke)” by DJ Lobsterdust (4:35)
Straight from Sally’s workout: “Ok you just did an uphill sprint – breathe, shake it out. Now you are ready for some sprints on a flat. At the chorus (“Put on the redlight!”) you are going to do an all out sprint. The first two sprints are 30 seconds, the third sprint is 1 minute…(1:13–1:42)….(2:11—2:41)….(.3:24—4:23) PHEW!!!!!!” Bonus: Do the second one as a standing, uphill sprint!

17. “Signs” by Bloc Party (4:40)
Cool-down and stretch.  YES! And if you have any favorite songs you want to see included in future mixes, be sure to leave a comment!

J.R. Atwood
Power 10 Spinning



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5 Comments Add your own

  • 1. Kate  |  March 13, 2009 at 5:00 pm

    KICK ASS playlist! Nice Miami Chick!!

  • 2. Sally Mander  |  March 13, 2009 at 5:26 pm

    Yay!!! thanks for mentioning me!! Good luck with Habanera–let me know how it goes. ( When we climb to that song I tell everyone to envision they are on one of the most grueling climbs of the Tour de France–where British cyclist Simpson died from exhaustion during 1967 tour–Mont Ventoux–one vertical mile above Provence–11% gradient)

    Love your new mix and think I might have to steal it!! :)

  • 3. Sally Mander  |  March 13, 2009 at 5:40 pm

    Oh!! and I am loving Chris Cornell’s new song “Scream” for climbs

    great mix of artists–produced by Timbaland

  • 4. Kat  |  March 16, 2009 at 5:35 pm

    Woo! Pistolero! :-D

    I found a new climb song…”Death and Resurrection Show” by Killing Joke…it’s a killer 5 minutes if you do it right!

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    “Kipu on kivaa” 60 Minute Spinning Mix | Power 10 Spinning


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