“Eustress” 60 Minute Spinning Mix

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18-song music mix and choreographed workout includes
“O… Saya” by M.I.A.
“Yea Yeah” by Matt & Kim
“Numb / Encore” by Jay-Z / Linkin Park

1. “Piano in Trance” by Robert Miles (3:50)
Warm-up and stretch. This is gonna’ be a hurt-so-good kind of workout.

2. “DOA” by Foo Fighters (4:10)
Add a wee bit of tension and get ready for some speed. At 20 seconds in, you should be up to 80% of your max effort. Pick up the pace till 45 seconds when we do our first all-out sprint until 1:13. Catch your breath for a few seconds, grab some water, then get back to the hard and fast flats. Our second set of sprints is coming up at 1:55 — OUT OF THE SEAT CHARGE! Power it up, all-out sprint, till 2:25. Sit back on the bike, shake things out, and remember why you love spinning… Because together, in this one class, we work harder than most of our friends and coworkers will all week long. Last Power Sprint (this time while seated) from 3:10 until the very end of the song. Hold on, hang on, and breathe deep. I know it hurts, but take it in chunks of 10 seconds. Focus. Focus. Focus. GOGOGOGO! We’re there!

3. “O… Saya” by M.I.A. (3:35)
You can tell from the first beat that this is gonna be fast. Take the first 20 seconds to recover, then add a bit of tension, and slowly start to pick up the pace to racing speed and effort. At 50 seconds, add another half turn. Relax the shoulders, lift the knees to the chest, and ride nice and smooth. We’re gonna’ spin hard and fast, but on the flats for a bit. At 1:50 add two turns of resistance and pop up out of the saddle. Light and quick feet standing climb until 2:35. At this point, sit back on the saddle, take off one turn of tension (no more!) and get back to your spinning form and speed. This is done at threshold, made even more difficult having exhausted our lungs and legs early with that first sprint. But if you can hang, you’ll be stronger for it.

4. “Where Are We Runnin’?” by Lenny Kravitz (2:40)
Alright alright alright. Let’s get to the hills. Add four turns of tension (yup!), stand up, and grind it out as we get to the top of this climb. Add half a turn at 1:11 and immediate go into a standing Power 10 sprint to 1:26. Don’t think… Just go! At 1:40, thrust the hips back over the saddle, isolate those quads, and add one more turn of resistance. Keep on climbing, baby!

5. “Rebellion (Lies)” by Arcade Fire (5:10)
Roll right into this… Keep the tension where it was from the last song and stay mentally strong as you continue to climb. We’re testing ourselves today. At 1:05 add half a turn of tension and sit down on your seat. Keep the legs turning over those pedals, no matter how slowly! Hurt so good! Breathe in through the nose and out through the mouth. Deep breathing is the only way we are going to make it to the end of today’s workout. Fill the lungs with air and push everything out of your chest. Keep lifting those knees up to your chest and try to kick the back of your butt with your heels. At 2:30, add one more half-turn of resistance and stand-up! For the most crazy members of class, bust out with a standing Power 10 at the 3:00 mark. Sit back down in the seat from 3:40 to 4:10. For the last minute, see if you can add just one more baby-turn to the right and finish with a charge to the top!

6. “Yea Yeah” by Matt & Kim (3:25)
One of the more infectious and happy pop rock sounds I have heard lately. I love this b-fry on guitar and vocals, g-fry on drums duo! Anyway, for this set we are doing simple stair climbing exercises. We’ve thrashed the quads and hammies, now it’s time to work the calf muscles. Remember to land on the balls of your feet — as soon as your feet touch the ground, lift your knee up to your chest. Gently rest your hands on the handlebars for this… If you have tension or soreness in your shoulders or forearms, you are not doing this exercise properly. Shift your weight so that you are supporting yourself with your legs, not your your upper body. Everyone, at 2:50 — power stair climb home to the finish! Double-time charge. Yea yeah yea yeah yea yeah yea yeah yea yeah yea yeah!

7. “Forever” by Chris Brown (4:40)
A bit of an active recovery here… But don’t cheat! Settle into your saddle, take most of the tension off your bike, and spin it out at 80-90% effort. Throw in some rolling hills if you are feeling super strong today (or if you simply want to get super strong). “Look what I can do with my feet.”

8. “Bang Bang (feat. Adam Levine)” by K’naan (3:10)
Foothill fun! Add two turns of tension/resistance and do some hard riding in the baby hills… Stay seated for a bit; at the 0:47 mark we are doing a Power 10 sprint! When you finish at 1:04, add two more turns of tension and stand up for a quick charge. Keep the butt back and work it hard — standing quick tempo. At 1:47 we are doing a Power 20 while out of the saddle. Yeaaaah, baby! At 2:15 add just one more turn of tension and make sure to finish the last 30 seconds with the same speed as we started the song.

9. “Detroit Waves” by Matt Nathanson (3:15)
Back to the flats and back to the tempo stuff. Take off the tension from that last song and instead picture yourself on a wide open highway at sunrise or sunset — whatever you favorite time of day. The road is yours, so let’s take advantage of it. With the wind at our back we could ride all daylong. Check your form at this point in the workout — we have a tendency to get a bit sloppy as we get tired. Add no more than half a turn of resistance every 30-45 seconds while maintaining a consistent leg turnover. I like to do a Power 20 near the middle of the song at 1:57. When you finish the sprint, be sure to ride all the way to the finish! We’ll recover and grab some water between songs.

10. “Believe in Me” by Sloan (3:20)
Back to the steep stuff! Add three to four turns of tension, stand up, and increase tension every 20 seconds (even if just by a little bit). This is a slow but steady deep-burn kind of climb. Legs are hating us today!

11. “So Typical” by Trance Emerson (4:25)
Mental toughness set: Take off all tension and ride as hard and as fast as humanely possible on this! Go straight from the gun and try to get faster with every pedal stroke until 0:38. At this point, you can slow down, stretch for a bit, and catch your breath; get back on the bike with everything you have at 1:05 for another long sprint session. Go from 1:05 until 3:08. Then take another short break until 3:35. For the third and last sprint session of the song, it is all out, baby! At 3:35, we ride as if our lives depended on it till the song fades out. Go, baby, go!

12. “Half My Mind” by Damian Hagger (2:35)
Climb those stairs and thrash those calves! Stair-climbing exercise for the entire song with a double-time charge to the top of the flight of stairs at the 1:55 mark all the way to the fade-out.

13. “Happy” by Fischerspooner (4:00)
Spinning on the flats. Start off at a pace that is 70% of your max, then go into a Power 10 at the 0:55 mark. Settle into race-pace speed and effort, then hit a double-time Power 20 at 1:37 to 2:05. Catch your breath, shake things out, stay seated and strong, and stretch from 2:05 to 2:33. Then it’s time to bring it home with EVERYTHING. YOU. HAVE. It’s long, I know. It hurts,I know. But it’s also awesome. At 3:08, take a deep-breath, focus, and spring double time to the finish!

14. “It’s Beginning to Get to Me” by Snow Patrol (4:35)
Climbing. Throw on some tension, hit the foothills (seated) for the first lil’ bit. Grab some quick water. At 1:16, throw on another turn of tension and go right into a standing, out-of-the-saddle Power 10. Stay up and out, but settle into a comfortable rhythm and pace as we continue to pound on those quads. We’re doing another Power 10 at 2:12! Heck, let’s make it a Power 20! Go, yo! Settle your pace, but not your effort, and sit back down in the saddle at 3:09. Do not take any resistance off your bike! Instead, stay seated for a grind and climb to the end of the song. Workin’ it deep! If you’re a super-hero (or want to be one), put on a charge for the last 50 seconds of the song.

15. “Numb / Encore” by Jay-Z / Linkin Park (3:25)
Second to last song. We’re almost there. Let’s finish strong to get stronger. Out of saddle climbing on this. I want the tension at a level of 8, 9, or 10 — as much as you have ever done, and more than you think you can handle. Together, we’ll break through these otherwise assumed limits of possibility. Sweat is dripping and stinging the eyes in the most painful and wonderful way. “I came, I saw, I conquered … Scream till your lungs get sore.” Do it, baby! One step at a time. One lift at a time. Throw in a few Power 10s at your leisure to rock it extra hard!

16. “One Month Off” by Bloc Party (3:35)
Two songs to climb this beast of a mountain, one song to get down. I could care less about form on this… I just want it fast. Sit down, get a quick view of the awesome panorama at the summit, then start the hard-earned downhill ride. Little to no tension on this! Just pure speed. See how fast your legs can turnover. 120, 150, 180 rpms?! Knees to the chest, heels to the butt, and go! This entire song is a low-tension, downhill sprint! Feel the wind in your hair, smile, and go!

17. “Dancing Behind My Eyelids” by Mum (4:05)
Cooldown and stretches.

18. “Latika’s Theme” by A.R. Rahman (3:10)
Goodbye music.

J.R. Atwood
Power 10 Spinning



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