“Àrd Bheinn” 60 Minute Spinning Mix

July 6, 2009 at 6:19 pm 7 comments

Velorution - Girl on fixie w striped wrist bands

17-song music mix and choreographed workout includes
“Right Round” by Flo Rida
“Skeleton Boy” by Friendly Fire
“Man in the Mirror” by Michael Jackson

1. “Oh Mandy” by The Spinto Band / 3:35
This song makes me think of summer romances and puts a smile on my face during our warm-up session. Roll the shoulders and your neck, practice slow and conscientious breathing, and get ready to ride. We have a great mix and workout today!

2.  “Right Round” by Flo Rida / 3:25
Who needs a peloton when you have a Wolfpack to ride with?! (Any fans of “The Hangover” out there?) Crank the volume, settle into a race-ready position on your bike, and start riding hard and fast. Tension is at a moderate level, continue to pick-up the pace, and at 0:54, add a turn of resistance and stand-up; at 1:10 we are going into a Power 10 through 1:25. Sit-down in the saddle, take off that tension, and get back to the flats. Pick up the pace, baby! At 1:55, we’re repeating things — stand-up, add some tension, and go into a Power 10 at 2:10. No no no — POWER 20! Stand and sprint uphill all the way through at least 2:40. Do not sit back down! Instead, ease-up on the pedals a bit, add another turn of tension, and grind it to the top! All the way to the end of the song. Niiiiice.

3. “Skeleton Boy” by Friendly Fire / 4:05
Nothing gets me moving and grooving quite like this song. We’re going to return to the flats for it, and do some simple (though not easy!) spinning. Take the first 20 seconds at a moderate pace, then relax the shoulders, lift your knees to your chest, hammer on the pedals, and start go into a seated Power 20 at 0:53 — all-out sprint all through the chorus at 1:25. Phew! Grab some water, add half-a-turn of tension, and stay focused. We have one more of these, with the next one coming up at 2:05. GO! Hit it hard and fast! Turn-over those legs as fast as possible! Sprint through the mark at 2:40! Take no more than 3-5 seconds to shake things out — we’ll rest at the end of the song. Stay focused as we stay on the flats all the way till the song fades out.

(By the way, the video for this song is super cool and definitely worth a watch. The skeleton effects were achieved by using little more than double-sided sticky tape, millions of tiny bean bag balls, and some fans. You can watch it below.)

4. “The Shaded Forests” by Deastro / 3:25

Keep spinning from the last song — we’re going to roll right into it. The pace should be quick, the resistance light, and then at 1:00 add some tension and stand-up for an out-of-seat charge. This is where we’ll stay for the rest of the song — charging up a moderately steep hill. Quick and light feet, then at 2:05 add a full turn of resistance and go into an all-out (and standing!) Power 20 sprint that will take us through things at 2:50. Rest for three seconds (yup, that’s it!) and then get back to the standing sprint! All. The. Way.

5. “Selective Periphera” by Ben Benjamin / 2:50

Slow song means slow climb. Sit back in the saddle, add four turns of resistance, and do a steady grind-and-climb. Keep the butt seated and just muscle through it. Breathing deep will get us there.

6. “In the End” by Linkin Park / 3:35

Short break for the first 45 seconds or so… This is not a rest, just an active recovery. Take off most of the tension on your bike, shake out the arms, roll the neck, and do some light stretching. The last half of today’s workout is pretty intense.

At 0:45 add two turns of tension, and go into a seated sprint at 0:55 — hammer it all the way through the 1:15 mark. Then add another turn of resistance, stand-up out the saddle, and get ready for a standing sprint. At 1:50 we’re going fast again — Power 10, baby, till 2:10. Slow down, catch your breath, add a turn of tension at 2:30, and 2:45 go double long — Power 20 sprint through 3:10. Take the last 20 seconds of the song — when it begins to fadeout — as a much needed and well-deserved break.

7. “Hip Hop Hooray” by Naughty by Nature / 4:25

A fun party song from the archives! Let’s start by doing some stair-climb exercises (see the FAQ for directions) through the first full chorus which begins at 1:00 and ends at 1:20. At this point, add some resistance and go into a standing climb through the next chorus, beginning at 2:00 and ending at 2:20. Add one more turn of resistance and go immediately back to the stairs — we’ll be here till the end of the song. Finishing with two minutes of the stairs is brutal, so pace yourself early and sprint at the chorus (3:17 – 3:35). Run the stairs till the song completely fades — light and soft feet!

8. “Promiscuous” by Nelly Furtado / 4:00

Mix it up here — feel the music and have the class yell out what they want to do. I like to start on some rolling hills and ask fellow riders to announce when we will go into a power climb/uphill charge, Power 10 or 20 sprint, or simple out-of-saddle climb. (Members always seem to be surprised how hard it is to cue and count for the class when riding at full pace — take advantage of the opportunity to simply ride and follow along with someone else’s announcements, but be sure to keep everyone honest. No cheating or resting here!)

9. “Poker Face” by Lady GaGa / 4:00

Back to the hard stuff. Four or five turns of resistance and stand-up for a slow quad-burning climb till 0:55. At the chorus, hammer things to turn-out a quick Power 10 that ends at 1:13. Keep the tension level where it is and simply sit down in the seat. Churn and burn, baby! Legs feel like lead, sweat is dripping down the face, and the lungs are burning. Nothing feels better than this! Work it in the saddle, then at 1:52 go into a high-tension, seated sprint! Keep the butt in the saddle and push it through the 2:10 mark. Now stand-up (but keep the tension where it is) and get back to the steep climb. If you’re feeling really strong — or want to get really strong — add a half- to full-turn of tension at 2:50, try to pick-up the pace a bit, and go into a long Power 20 spring at 3:10. Gogogogogogogo! Don’t forget to breathe! Get there, baby! YES! YES! YES! All the way to the end of the song! Wooooooooo!

10. “Closer” by Kings of Leon /4:00

No. Rest. For. The. Weary. Stay standing and keep climbing. This is a mental workout as much as a physical one — the mind is screaming “No no no!” We need to shout back, with defiance, a mighty “Yes yes yes!”

At each minute mark, add half-a-turn of resistance. This is slow. It hurts… a lot. But it’s what makes us strong, too. For the masochists out there, do a Power 20 sprint from 2:00 to 2:20, and again from 3:00 until you can’t hang on any longer.

As Tony Horton of P90X would say, “I hate it, but I love it.” True.

11. “Before the Worst” by The Script / 3:25

Back to the flats for some speed and fun. Sit down, take off most of the tension on the bike and imagine yourself riding with the wind at your back — at sunrise, along the California coast, and on an open and super-flat road. Keep a steady pace till 0:50, at which point we add one or two turns of resistance and go into an all-out sprint through 1:07. Keep the tension where it is but get back into a controlled spin. Relax the shoulders, look ahead, and at 1:40 go into another seated sprint! Hit it with everything you have until 1:58. I like to stand up till about 2:20 to stretch the legs, and then get back to the flats for a final sprint from 2:35 until the song begins to fade around 3:10. Wake-up the body and wake-up the world!

12. “Dead and Gone [Feat. Justin Timberlake]” by T.I. / 5:00

Dead and gone describes how I usually feel at this point in the workout — so I gotta’ dig deep and remind myself why I’m here: to push myself beyond otherwise assumed limits of possibility. Knowing that others in the class are working just as hard — and are just as tired — as I allows me to rally. So here we go…

Time to get back to the hills. Add some tension, and at 0:15 stand-up for a steady climb. Nothing fancy at first — just some quad-busting climbs. Breathe. Breathe. Breathe. And at 1:10, add a bit of tension. Start to pick-up the pace a bit, anticipating the charge… At 1:40, Power 10 sprint! Dig deep and take it 2:08. Feel free to sit down, or stay standing — no matter your move, just keep climbing. Add another little turn of tension around 2:45; at 3:05, it’s time for another Power Sprint till 3:30. At this point, grunt and add some tension. Stay standing and climbing. At 4:05, recommit yourself to the cause: we want to get to the top as fast as possible. Put on a little charge till the song fades at 4:30. Take the last 30 seconds to get some water.

13. “Stop and Stare” by OneRepublic / 3:45

Still. Climbing. Stay in the saddle for a seated climb till 0:30 — then stand-up out of the seat, add a bit of tension, and charge into a long Power 20 sprint from 0:55 through the mark at 1:35. (Yes — 40 seconds. I didn’t say it’d be easy.) Slow the pace a bit, add a turn of tension, catch your breath, but keep climbing until 2:10 — then go into another Super Power Sprint until 2:50. Settle the pace, but stay strong, baby! Ride it out to the top.

14. “Remember” by Black Lab / 3:40

Last big set of sprints for the day! Bring things back to the flats, take off the tension from those crazy climbs, and let the legs spin free! Light resistance, fast legs. Start picking up the pace at 0:50, and at 1:00 go into a seated Power Sprint until 1:17. Get back to a pace that is about 80% of your max, add some resistance at 1:40, and at 1:55 go into another Power Sprint! Spin-it-out until 2:20! Shake the arms loose, take off  a bit of tension, and at 2:50 go into one last charge! All out — everything you have, race-pace speed and effort through the end of the song. Make it good, baby! Make it fast! We’re done before we know it, so leave it on the bike!

15. “Man in the Mirror” by Michael Jackson / 5:20

There never was a more captivating entertainer than MJ, and this is my all-time favorite song of his. It makes for a great “finish song,” too. Start slow and steady — medium tension/resistance, while seated. Stand-up at 0:30 and begin to climb at a comfortable pace. At 1:00, add a turn of tension and go into a Power 10 charge from 1:10 to 1:25. Stay standing, add some tension, and continue the climb. At 2:15 put on another charge! Give yourself a little head nod in the mirror and at 2:30 add a bit more tension. We’ve got this, baby! At 2:50 — really let it go! Just hammer and grind and climb: power sprint it home! Or at least until 3:50… Take things down a notch, and then get back into the final power climb at 4:10. Last song of the day, last charge of the day, last hill for the day, last sprint for the day. At 4:30 do a double-time sprint! All the way to the finish! Come on! “You know it, you know it, you know it, you know!”

No matter how tired I am, this song always makes me smile. Good work today, class!

16. “Going to California” by Led Zeppelin / 3:30.

Cool-down and stretch. We need to take extra care of our muscles after today’s epic workout. Take all the tension off and just spin nice and easy, slowing everything down and starting a thorough stretching routine — begin with the neck and work down to the shoulders, arms, back, quads, hamstrings, and calves. Finish with some sunshine stretches, reaching up to the sky and breathing deep — fill those lungs with air.

17. “Summer” by Joe Hisaishi / 6:30

Final stretches and goodbye music.

J.R. Atwood
Power 10 Spinning


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