“Fall Forward” 60 Minute Spinning Mix

September 22, 2009 at 10:46 pm 7 comments

18-song music mix and choreographed workout includes
“I Gotta Feeling” by Black Eyed Peas
“Good Girls Go Bad (feat. Leighton Meester)” by Cobra Starship
“Bulletproof” by La Roux

It’s all about performance…

(This month’s spinning mix is below the video.)

1. “Alone” by Tennis Hero / 4:40
Quality warm-up here — neck roll, shoulder shrugs, morning sunshine stretches, and some deep breathing exercises. I also recommend that you turn the music down for 20 seconds or so and encourage your riders to introduce themselves to the person on the bikes next to them. We’ve got an hour together and we are going to be sweating in our Spandex — might as well do so in a friendly environment.

2. “I Gotta Feeling” by Black Eyed Peas / 4:40
Alternate seated spinning and out-of-saddle climbing. Take the first  30 seconds to get properly settled on the bike — add some tension, keep the shoulders relaxed, and concentrate on getting the most out of your pedal stroke (pull the knees to your chest and try to kick you butt with your heels). Start to pick-up the pace so that you are around 80% of your max and on the flats by the 30 second mark. Hold it here until 1:30 — then add a complete turn of tension and stand-up out of the seat to stretch those legs. Charge for a full minute until 2:30; then add half-a-turn of tension and settle into a steady climb through 3:00. At 3:00, take off most of the tension on the bike and get back to the flats for some light-tension hard-riding through the 3:45 mark. Add two turns of tension here and stand up for the last 45 seconds of the song.

3. “Good Girls Go Bad (feat. Leighton Meester)” by Cobra Starship / 3:20
Race-pace riding on the flats. On a scale from 1-10 (1 being absolutely no tension and 10 being an impossible-to-turn heavy flywheel), settle somewhere between a 4 and 6. Scoot-up on the nose of the seat and get into a race-ready position — we’re here for the entire song. Fast, hard, charging. Nothing fancy — just some quick spinning! At the 1:40 mark, do a Power 10 sprint! (If needed, you can take a quick water break from 2:15-2:30. But once you shake out the arms and shrug the shoulders, get back on the bike for some race-ready riding!)

4. “Shattered (Turn the Car Around)” by O.A.R. / 4:15

Power climbing. Add 2-3 complete turns of tension and stay seated for the first bit of the song. This is going to be a quad-busting climb. At 0:45, stand-up out of the seat and at 1:00 go into a (standing) Power 10 sprint up the hill! When you finish the sprint, add a full turn of tension and stay out-of-the-saddle. At 2:00, we’re doing another Power 10 sprint! Go baby go baby go! Do not remove any tension, but sit back down in the saddle for some deep-muscle work on the quads. No matter how slow your turnover, stay seated and charging. At 3:20, you really need to dig deep — (seated) Power 20 uphill sprint. Do it until the song fades out!

5. “Unk vs. Avril Lavigne ft. Toni Basil – Walkin Out Yo Girlfriend” by dj lobsterdust / 3:40
Speedy spinning on the (mostly flats). Take off most of the tension from the last song and right from the get-go, get going! We’re doing some sated race-pace spinning here. Picture yourself on a wide and open road with a slight decline and the wind at your bike — I want you flying on this! The entire song should be ridden at a pace that is just slightly too-fast and hard to be comfortable. (If you can talk to your neighbor here, you are not working hard enough.)  Just to keep everyone honest, add a full turn of tension at 1:58 and go into a Power 20 seated sprint! Keep the momentum as you come out of the sprint and at 2:50 add one more turn of tension. At this mark, stand-up out of the saddle for a hard charge up a slight incline. Focus on producing a quick turnover — dance on those toes!

6. “1901” by Phoenix / 3:15
Back to the hills! Roll straight into this from the last song and add one turn of tension. Every 15-30 seconds, add another half- to complete-turn of tension. We should be out of the saddle for this except for when a small sitting-down sprint — at 1:20, I want you to find the saddle and hammer out a Power 10 sprint! (Keep the tension where it was when you were standing.) As soon as you finish this sprint, stand-up again and get  back into your climbing groove.

7. “Don’t Trust Me (Amended)” by 3OH!3 / 3:15
Start with a climb, then down to the flats for a set of sprints! Again, roll into this from the last song — stay standing and climbing for the first 30 seconds. Your legs should be pretty exhausted from the climbing, so we’ll give them a break (sort of)… At 0:30, sit-down in the saddle, lose all the tension, and go immediately into an all-out sprint! We’re here for 30 seconds until 1:00. You can recover between 1:00 and 1:25 by sitting and spinning, or standing and doing some light and easy hill climbing. At 1:25, though, we’re going back into a seated Power 20 all-out sprint until the 2:00 mark. Now add a turn of tension, stand-up, and get into a climb. Add another turn of resistance at the 2:20 mark. At 2:35 (this is fast!), take one turn of tension off your bike and finish the song with a standing Power 20 sprint! AO!

8. “Bulletproof” by La Roux / 3:30
Stair-climbing exercises.  Go into it and work the calf muscles and lower quads. This is going to hurt-so-good. Fund a comfortable rhythm, focus on breathing deeply, and add half-a-turn of tension every 30 seconds. If you need a bit of a break, relax from 2:15-2:30, but then immediately get back into the stair climbing! (As an alternative to stair-climbing, you can do backwards spinning with this song.)

9. “The Climb” by Miley Cyrus / 4:00
Climb — just as the title of the song suggests.  The tension on your bike should be somewhere between a 6 and 8 to start this song. Stay seated and grinding for the first 45 seconds. Then add a full turn of resistance, stand-up, and attack this bad-boy of a mountain. The song is a bit slow — use this as an opportunity to really focus on your internal monologue… Do you feel like giving-up? Are you already tired? How’s your form? Are you imaging yourself riding alongside Lance Armstrong up your favorite mountain? I simply want you to be a mindful cyclist, and if you’re dragging a bit, look at yourself in the mirror or offer a head nod to the person next to you. At the 2:50 mark, go into a standing (and grueling) Power 20 sprint till the end of the song! Yes! Go! Now!

10. “Always Be” by Jimmy Eat World / 3:05
Spin it out! Get back to the flats, grab some quick water, and ride south along the coastal highway as the sun sets over the ocean on your right. Most of the tension is off your bike — this should be a simple, fun, and fast ride. Around the 2:00 mark, pick-up the pace by half-a-step. Do so again at the 2:115 mark, and again at 2:30 — finish with a stronger, faster, harder pedal-stroke than you started! AOAOAOAOAO!

11. “Ion Square” by Bloc Party / 6:30
Riders choice. Start this song by staying on the flats. Spend the first 30-45 seconds checking form and technique, and then settle back onto the bike for some race-pace riding. With this song, turn control over to your students (or someone else with whom you may be riding.) Every 30-60 seconds, ask for a suggestion from the class… And do it! Maybe someone wants to go into a Power 10 sprint, or add some tension for a seated climb, or do a standing uphill charge, or even some stair climbing. See where your students take you (and themselves).

12. “Fighter” by Christina Aguilera / 4:10
Mountain climbing! We’re going into the steep stuff with this song — dig down and find the fighter in you. I want everyone to add 4-6 complete turns of tension (so that you can just barely turn the pedals). Stay seated for some quad-busting climbing. Hammer and jam on those legs. At 1:00, stand-up and go right into an out-of-the-saddle Power 10 sprint. (Do NOT take any tension off your bike before you do this.) When you get through the sprint at the 1:20 mark, stay standing. If possible, add half-a-turn of resistance to your bike. We’re workin’, here! At 2:10 — EVERYONE! — go into another standing Power 10 sprint! Do NOT remove any tension from your bike and sit down in your saddle for some seated climbing between the 2:30 and 2:50 mark. At 2:50, stand-up and continue this climb! We’re. Almost. There! For the strongest in the class, go into another Power 10 sprint! Come on, baby! You got it! To be the best, we’ve need to work… Find the fighter, be the fighter, find the fighter, be the fighter. GO! All the way to the top! Niiiiiiice.

13. “Sex on Fire” by Kings of Leon / 3:25
Seated climbing. Take-off no more than one complete turn of tension from the last song, and sit down in your saddle. Grind it out until the 0:50 mark, at which point you get to relieve the resistance on your bike by (no more than) half-a-turn. But when you do this, you also need to go into a short Power sprint from 0:50 to 1:05. Stay seated and at 1:20 take-off another half-turn of tension; at 1:25, go into a longer (seated) Power 20 sprint through 1:55. Add one turn of tension to your bike (yup), stand-up, and at 2:20 go into a standing sprint through 2:55. This may be the hardest stretch of the workout — get to it, push through it, and love it! At the 2:55 mark, you can sit down in your seat, take off all tension, and spin it out till the song fades.

14. “Jump (Malichak Club Mix Radio Edit)” by Flo Rida / 3:20
Speed bumps! The beat on this song is real fast — take 30 seconds to explain to the class how speedbumps work (see FAQs and spinning notes),  and then go straight into some ups-and-downs. Find a rhythm that works well for you and your class — I like to go up and down on equal fast-counts of four (up, 2, 3, 4, down, 2, 3, 4…). Doing this so late in the workout will be a real test of mental fortitude — the quads will be screaming for you to stop, but this is when we need to push through! Make it hurt-so-good, baby!

15. “Lost!” by Coldplay / 3:55
Last climb of the day! Let’s leave it on the bike with this song — start with the tension/resistance at a level 7 or 8, meaning you we’re climbing Everest! Stand-up, dig deep, and know that we’re almost at the finish. It’s a slow climb and a deep burn in the legs — own it and love it, baby! If you’re feeling especially strong today, add half-a-turn (or a full turn!) of tension around the 1:45 mark. Try to pick-up the pace by half-a-step at the 2:00, 2:30, and 3:00 mark. When you get to the 3:20 mark, go into a standing Power 20 sprint that will take us all the way to the end of the song! Last one of the day, so make it count and do it right!

16. “Because the Night” by Cascada / 3:30
Sprints! Last song of the day. Take off all that tension and let’s finish on the flats with some speed! Start with a moderate amount of resistance and get into the flow of the song — at 0:40, it’s an all-out, hold-nothing back, Power 20 sprint! GOGOGOGOGOOGOGO! Hard and fast, baby! Race through the mark at 1:10 and then recover on the flats. Add one full turn of tension to your bike and get ready for another everything-sprint at 2:25. At this point, picture yourself shot out of a canon — you’re flying on the flats. Move and groove, baby! This is the last sprint of the day! Pick-it up and finish fast! All the way till the song fades out. GOGOGOGO! YES!

17. “Second Chance” by Liam Finn / 5:00
Cool-down and stretch. What a workout!

18. “Wasting Your Town” by Trevor Giuliani / 3:45
Good-bye music.

J.R. Atwood
Power 10 Spinning


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“Lo/Sto/My/Headpho” 60 Minute Spinning Mix “What It Was, What It Is, What It Will Be” 60 Minute Spinning Mix

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  • 2. lisa  |  October 29, 2009 at 7:49 am

    Uh oh!!!!!!!!!! Umm…Trick…or treat???
    Seriously, I’m sure I speak for scads of other spin instructors when I say that you are the ONLY thing I look forward to once a month :) You are truly an inspiration, and have the best music/profiles out there. I love to integrate your ideas into my classes, and the “power 10’s” have changed everything!! Hope that you’re well, and just busy doing other things…(You know, school, life… etc…) Every good wish..

  • 3. imen swilmi  |  June 19, 2010 at 11:08 am

    thank you,for your generosity keep doing best wivhes

  • 4. Maddy  |  May 2, 2011 at 12:30 pm

    So much to choose from. Its GREAT. Wondering to you purchase all your tunes through amazon?

  • 5. martin scott  |  August 31, 2012 at 5:45 pm

    just starting out as a fitness instructor and loving this web site, can’t believe it’s not up and running any more.

  • 6. Tim  |  August 23, 2013 at 10:46 pm

    Track 7…lose all tension and go for a flat out sprint!!!! Knee damage and cartoon legs. Some extra training required I think

  • 7. Stacey Young  |  February 2, 2017 at 6:04 pm

    what does power 20 mean?


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